What’s New – May

Finding Email Addresses and Giving Lists

Finding email addresses for contacts is a integral part of prospecting. Our new partnership with GetEmail provides you with an alternative when you can’t find someone’s email address publicly listed. Get Email combines big data and machine learning algorithms to find and verify email addresses for professionals. You can use a free account for low volume (10 per month) or upgrade to a paid account for more. LinkSV members get a 10% discount on any paid plan by using the promotional code “LINKSV”. More details and a link to signup are here.

There’s a new Lists option – you can now Give a list. Sharing a list is an integral part of collaboration for colleagues and leads groups. Giving a list allows you to pass on a list of companies that you would like a colleague or prospect to know about. When you give someone a list, that list is moved out of your List of Lists and added to the top of the recipient’s. Your list will be the first thing they see the next time they log into their account and review their lists.

Whether you’re sharing or giving a list, your recipient also receives an email notifying them and including an optional personal note. The size of that note has been expanded from 300 to 3000 characters, and can include links to content, in addition to the list you are sharing. Use the list and note to offer information to a colleague or prospect as part of building a relationship with them.

Coming next: Adding companies NOT in the LinkSV database for better collaboration – this is nearing completion and will be available early in June.