What’s New – June

Importing New Companies

Collaborating on sales is easier if all the information is in one place. Leads groups have been able to collaborate on companies in the LSV database. Now they can collaborate on other companies as well, by adding them to the LSV database.

When a list of companies is imported, that list is matched to the current LSV database. During the matching, when a new company is identified, a new record containing the details in the import file is created. That company is then added to the specified list.

Imported companies can be viewed by any member, and are quickly identified by the “Not Curated” watermark on their Details pages. They will not be included in system-wide searches, but can be searched for by name. They can be included in any other search by selecting “Imported Companies” as a filter under Company Type.

Notes on imported companies are private and can only be seen by the members that entered them and any others they shared those notes with.

Coming next: People search gets an improved default view and Instant Searches are expanded.