What’s New – January

Faster Performance and Collaboration with Shared Lists

January’s release expands our sales collaboration tools and provides faster performance. The Search Results page is transitioning into the new Lists & Results page with expanded capabilities. It combines search results with lists, and integrates with the improvements on the Company Details pages. Using the Lists & Results page you can now:

  • create a list containing some or all of the companies in your search results.
  • add or remove companies from any of your lists.
  • review the companies on a list one at a time or in summary format.

For Leads Groups
Groups can now collaborate on a single prospecting list. Members can:

  • collaborate with shared notes on companies of interest.
  • save private notes to yourself, share with a member or the whole group
  • add new companies to that list.
  • create and use additional lists that are not shared.

For Exporting
All exporting has been centralized to the Lists & Results page. When you’re ready to export a list, the Export page now takes you through a simplified export step-by-step for producing, viewing and saving an Excel spreadsheet.