What’s New – April

Adding Lists of Prospects and Clients to LinkSV

External lists of clients and prospects can now be imported, matched with our database and added to an existing or new LinkSV list – even to a shared list. All of our data on each company can then be viewed in summary or individual format. Lead group members can now quickly upload their prospects and begin collaborating to generate leads and help each other turn cold calls into warm connections.


Groups can identify who imported or added a particular company to a shared list on the default view under “Added By“.

Also new in this release: When you share a list, there is now an option to include a message to the individual or group with whom it is being shared. That message will be included as part of the email that is sent as notification.

Coming next: Add companies – LinkSV will create a new company record for imported companies not in the database so that groups can collaborate on all of their members’ prospects.