LinkSV SV RoseRyan BD Group

LinkSV RoseRyan BD Group

Winning new business by building strong professional relationships

Kathy Ryan
Our finance & accounting solutions take companies further, faster – Does your finance and accounting team need help while your company is growing?

Stephen Wares
VP, Business Development
Helping companies with all administration to expand globally – Do you plan to make any international hires in the next 3 to 6 months?

Bob Karr
CEO and Founder
Connecting the people, capital and companies of Silicon Valley – Do you have a friend in your network who spends a lot of their time in business development who would appreciate LinkSV?

Roger Royse
Business Law, Tax Law and Corporate Law – Are you forming a company, raising money or selling your business?

Jill Heatherington
Senior Vice President Business Development
Insurance, HR & Financial Services – Do you have needs for insurance (property & casualty|directors & officers|reps & warranties), employee benefits, 401k?

Calina Thompson
Relationship Manager

Steve Douty
Tech Leader, Innovator and Accelerator | Fundraising and M&A

Brandon Child
Growth capital – structured debt financing for emerging technology companies

Sarah Ratra
Audit Partner
Accounting, audit, tax and assurance needs

Shmuel Silverman
CEO and Founder
We help technology companies develop patent portfolios that increase the value of their business – How effectively do you leverage your IP to protect your value proposition and block competitors?

Liz Karr
Retained Financial Search Specialist

Kimberly Whitfield
Legal and Business Development
Create, Deploy and Manage Powerful Apps Using Logic, Not Code.

Dawn DeBruyn
General Manager
Tracking & connecting the people, capital and companies of Silicon Valley – Do you have clients who could benefit from the Pulse for sales and business development efforts?

Sherry Gubera
Managing Director
Real Estate Strategy and Site Acquisition – Do you anticipate needing additional space in the next 18 months?