LinkSV Accelerator Program

Connecting people, capital and companies

LinkSV Accelerator Program

The LinkSV database provides more than 20 years of detailed information on the people, capital and companies of Silicon Valley. We track the people in and money behind the companies in the Valley and connect the dots to find the best connection into each one. The LinkSV Accelerator Program is designed for stealth and early stage startups who need to identify people so they can make the connections critical to sales, business development, partnerships, board members and advisory board members – important components in obtaining their next round of funding. The program enables participating Accelerators to provide free premium memberships and full access to LinkSV resources to all of their active startups. There is no cost to the accelerators in the program; they simply provide a list of their active companies and quarterly updates.

For accelerators to be accepted into this program, they must provide significant resources to the startups that are part of their program. On acceptance, they provide a list of their current companies’ and key information (founders, description, funding, stage) and quarterly updates going forward. Those companies and the accelerator’s principals each receive full access to the LinkSV database, in the form of an Accelerator membership, which is equivalent to a Business membership, limited only in the number of records they can download each month (100 vs. 1000). Member companies’ Accelerator memberships remain active until they leave the accelerator program, at which time they have the option to transition to a paid membership.

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Terms & ConditionsAccelerator will provide a complete list of companies currently active in accelerator and their funding status at beginning of program. Accelerator agrees to provide an updated list of active companies at the beginning of each quarter, occurrence of any funding events and the names of those companies that have exited the accelerator program. LinkSV will provide free memberships to key individuals in accelerator’s active companies. These Accelerator memberships will provide all the privileges of full Business memberships, limited only in the number of records they can download each month (100 vs. 1000). LinkSV retains the right to modify privileges that accrue to “Accelerator” and/or Business memberships with 30 days notice.