Email Addresses

Email Addresses

Prospecting in Silicon Valley

LinkSV has traditionally focused on the companies and people elements of prospecting. Our collaboration tools are designed to help members turn cold calls into warm connections. Today, when voicemail is typically overloaded, email is often the initial channel used to reach out and begin building a relationship. That makes finding the right email address an important component of prospecting.

We’re partnering with to offer members a reliable service to handle that. GetEmail combines big data and machine learning algorithms to identify the email address of any professional in any company, using their name, company and website address. They offer a range of plans (including free at low-volume) and a free trial on each. You can review their plans here and start by registering for a trial here. When upgrading, LinkSV members will receive a 10% discount on any paid plan with the code “LINKSV“.

There are 3 different ways to access GetEmail’s email identification services.

  • Use the GetEmail Chrome extension for use with LinkedIn.
  • Use the GetEmail dashboard for individual entries.
  • Upload a .CSV file with multiple names.

Set up your free trial now. Later in April, LinkSV’s Export page will offer a one-click option to create a GetEmail .CSV file for any list with a selected executive.