Flexible Fundraising

Raising Capital?

Fundraising is time-consuming, hard work.
You probably don’t enjoy it and it’s time spent not building your company.
In today’s climate, it’s even more challenging.
Raising a $2M round requires contacting 2000 investors (industry average).
Flexible Fundraising gives you options, choose one or use all.

LinkSV Database

The LinkSV database covers thousands of funded companies and their investors. Here’s Verkada, scroll down to see angels, corporate, VC and other investors. Free members can view records one at a time, while Entrepreneur members can search our database, create reports, save lists, set alerts and more for just $6.99/month (regular $49.95). This special price is only for early stage companies who haven’t raised money yet or those raising family & friends, pre-seed or seed rounds, more details and signup here.

Investor Analysis

Our Investor Analysis covers all investors – angels, VCs, micro VCs, corporate VCs, PE and other investors – in multiple companies on a list, or those that share a keyword or sector. It identifies the most active investors, investors in common, their co-investors, where and how recently they’ve invested, details on their firm, all of their local investments, their background and includes contact information where available. Here’s an example using “decarbonization” as a keyword.

Fundraising Assist

Fundraising Assist is an AI-driven process with our partner, i2i Corporate Strategies, that proactively identifies likely angels and micro-VCs specific to your startup’s industry and stage, creates customized introductions and delivers your pitch deck for their review, generally 2500 to 3000 investors in the first two months. Your application is also submitted to 600 to 800 angel groups out of a database of more than 2000 who only accept online applications. Plus, you own the investor CRM for follow-up and your next round. Learn more in the video below.

Interested in Fundraising Assist? Tell us about your company here.
Check out the paths below – Fundraising Assist is not exclusive – you can continue to raise capital at the same time Fundraising Assist is reaching out to identify prospective investors.